About Us

Our Mission: “Mission Granbury operates programs that provide resources for individuals and families in need or in crisis.”

Our Vision: “Mission Granbury envisions a community free of violence, poverty, and hunger with resources available to individuals and families as necessary to achieve long-term stability.” Mission Granbury’s staff continues to work tirelessly to achieve this goal. Despite many setbacks and challenges (including the May 15, 2013 tornado disaster, staff changes, and an increasing number of clients in need) the agency’s personnel continue to provide the necessary services for this community.

Mission Granbury just celebrated its 15th year of serving the community. Since Mission Granbury’s inception, the CORE values have never changed. The agency evolved out of the common understanding most of us have – compassion for the less fortunate.  

Mission Granbury was formed as a community response to the devastating murders of nine women and children in 1997.  Shocked by this tragic event, local citizens worked together to make a positive difference for the community.  Mission Granbury was then formed. Mission Granbury’s services provide a beacon of hope, care, and a safety net for the oppressed, the marginalized and those who suffer poverty and family violence situations.

Mission Granbury is the largest 501(c)3 organization in Hood County.  As a rural community, there is a large service gap for social supportive services.  Mission Granbury provides a safety net for people in Hood, Somervell, Parker and Erath Counties and the growing overflow from other surrounding counties.  We provide the following services:

  • Needs assessments;
  • Financial assistance;
  • Crisis counseling;
  • Supportive counseling;
  • Shelter for victims of family violence;
  • Food;
  • Victim’s compensation assistance;
  • Drug and alcohol assessments;
  • Court advocacy for children;
  • Information and referrals;
  • Legal services; and
  • Community education.

We do this through a total of seven programs:

Our services include legal aide, counseling, crisis hotline, and information/referral.

2013 was a bittersweet experience at Mission Granbury; a very heart-wrenching yet successful year.  We assisted our regular clientele while also addressing the needs of the tornado victims.  We continue to provide case management services for tornado victims and serve as a member of the Hood County Disaster Committee.

While Mission Granbury is continuing services for the tornado victims, we anticipate that the services associated with our regular case load for the community will continue to increase.  Last year alone there was an increase of 26% in services rendered.  We served 32,428 both directly (through them coming through our doors) or indirectly (through our crisis hotline or information and referrals).

One beneficial outcome of the tornado recovery effort was that a few very compassionate individuals contributed to a Capital Campaign for Mission Granbury.  This campaign has ensured that this facility has minimal costs toward our overhead, thus maximizing the funds available to meet our clients’ needs.

Mission Granbury recently completed the endeavor of moving to a new location.  Following the completion of a Capital Campaign, Mission Granbury moved to 3611 Plaza East Court, Granbury, Texas 76049. The new building provides the larger area needed for Mission Granbury’s current and prospective programs.


Staff and volunteers at Mission Granbury served 12,998 individuals in 2011.  In 2012, the agency saw a 110% increase in the amount of clients as compared to the previous year (a 47% increase in new clients) serving 27,351 clients.  As Mission Granbury’s need for services increased, the agency served 32,428 clients in 2013. Click here to see our Stats-at-a-Glance for the last full calendar year.

Sustainability, Accomplishments, and Capital Campaign

Sustainability is achieved through a multitude of projects and partnerships.  Mission Granbury raises funds through the support of 15 local churches, The United Way, Salvation Army, Hood County Children’s Charities, foundations and private donors.  Furthermore, Mission Granbury received 18,258 volunteer hours valued at $400,000.  In July of 2013 alone, we realized $7,310 of in-kind donations and $7,118 of private donations.  Mission Granbury strives to continue growing its resource network to provide a stable foundation for all of its programs and future projects.

Accreditation and Professional Standards

As an accredited sexual assault agency of the Texas Office of Attorney General, Mission Granbury is in the final planning stages and will soon begin its Batter Intervention Prevention Program. This 26-week program targets family violence offenders and teaches an “evidence based” curriculum that includes cognitive behavior techniques helping abusers to understand effective ways to avoid conflict. This is done in a group therapy setting. Partnering with many entities, Mission Granbury works with local judges, Hood County District Attorney, the county attorney, county court officials, Lake Granbury Medical Center, Child Protection Services and other community organizations that will refer offenders to the agency. It is our hope that, through these measures, family violence will decrease.

Other areas of assistance that are not primary services lines are:

  • Legal
  • Counseling
  • Crisis Hotline
  • Information & Referral